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With world-class technology, customer service and innovative, cost-effective solutions, Pivot Parking is one of the fastest-growing parking companies in the United States.

Our growth is supported by a veteran team that has over 90+ years of combined experience in the parking industry. The company is co-founded by parking industry veteran, Scott Diggs, and serial entrepreneur, Paul Adkison and has tapped parking executives Tina Reid, Brandon Lauterbach, Todd Brosius and Robert Cizek to shepherd the company’s operations and expansion into new locations.

Whether you’re a Class A Commercial Office Building Manager, municipality, parking garage/surface lot owner/manager or if you need help with specialty parking services and consultation…

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Our Services

Parking isn't rocket science, but there is a science to it. With more than 125 years of combined experience, our team has mastered that science to meet all your parking needs.

Parking Garage Management

For Class A office complexes, stand alone garages, and mixed use developments, we provide full service parking management, including the day-to-day operations, daily janitorial work, garage specific maintenance, and financial management including billing/collection and reporting of revenue.

Surface Lot Management

For property owners and managers, our team offers full service management by taking over the day-to-day operations. This includes monthly and transient parking permit administration, revenue generation, financial reporting, janitorial upkeep, contactless payment platforms, and online parking reservation system.

Parking Consulting

We’re happy to bring our skills to your table. Leverage our team’s parking expertise on your new projects, existing projects, equipment procurement, revenue and expense modeling, and customer service assessments.

Specialty Parking Services

When your parking needs are unique, we deliver a unique solution. Our specialty services include shuttle services, valet parking services, event parking management, and more.

Our Markets

We currently have locations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida and are rapidly expanding throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States.

At Pivot Parking, we prioritize partnerships that provide top tier service for a wide range of clients, including:

  • Property Management Firms
  • Residential, Commercial, and Office Property Developers/Owners
  • Government and Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Special Event Operators

News + Press

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Navigating the Curb: Innovations and Challenges in Curb Management

Navigating the Curb: Innovations and Challenges in Curb Management How we manage our curbs has never been more critical, and the urgency has only heightened in the wake of the global pandemic. While strides have been made, the journey toward comprehensive curb management is still ongoing. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current state of curb management, explore recent technological advancements, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.   The Evolution of Curb Management Curb management has been a hot topic for years, gaining momentum with the rise of urbanization and e-commerce. However, the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Electric vs. Gas: The Weighty Debate

Electric vehicles, or EVs, bring a new dimension to the discussion of car weight. These eco-friendly marvels tend to tip the scales a bit more, and the culprit behind the extra pounds are none other than their batteries. These formidable powerhouses are responsible for storing the energy that keeps your EV cruising smoothly. As a result, you can anticipate an EV being around 20-30% heavier than a comparable internal combustion engine car. 

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Park Smarter: Know Your Parking Space Dimensions

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath as you maneuver your car into a tight parking space, hoping you won’t end up with a ding on your door? We’ve all been there, and it’s time we shed some light on the mysteries of parking space dimensions to make your parking experiences Smart and Fast.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our parking partners say:

Pivot Parking’s open-minded and creative approach to parking and their willingness to change and adjust as needed makes them truly unique in this industry. A lot of operators are not willing to think outside the box - Pivot never thinks anything is impossible. As well, their communication is excellent - whenever there is a problem or issue, they bring solutions to the table. The team is wonderful - they go above and beyond to make parking as seamless and easy as possible for everyone.

Aubrey Moore

We are very pleased with the results you have produced for Second Presbyterian Church from our parking deck. Your advice from the beginning about operating equipment to contract negotiations with tenants including parking for hotel guests has been extremely helpful and successful.

Thomas Jefferson

Pivot effectively managed multiple vendors through a lengthy installation and test process to get our one-of-a-kind system up and running. With the new systems in place and the operations becoming more stable, without solicitation Pivot recommended rate changes to optimize our revenues from our garages. Finally, the Pivot team manages the valet operations in a complex environment that includes two hotel valet operations and valet for the restaurants and retail patrons. Engaging Pivot was one of our project's defining decisions for 2022.

Michael Hronchek

From start to finish, what a blessing it has been to work with Tina Reid and Francisco Cano and the rest of the Team at Pivot Parking as we brought the Liberty Square Parking Garage into our portfolio! Their advice and steadfast approach to due diligence was on target, and frankly, we could not have done it without them. No one knows more about parking in downtown Greenville than Tina Reid and she gave us solid instruction throughout the process of acquiring the garage and assisting all our tenants. Francisco has had big city experience in other markets and his management of the garage on our behalf demonstrates his skills daily.

Stephanie Folger

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