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The Fastest Growing Parking Company in the U.S.

Who We Are

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to become more adaptable, our founders decided to make the Pivot.

Combining their extensive industry and entrepreneurial experience, Scott Diggs and Paul Adkison formed Pivot Parking in 2020 to provide quality, cost-effective, and transparent parking management services across the Sunbelt region.

Since then, their unique approach to parking solutions and the Pivot Parking team’s exemplary customer service standards has allowed them to grow to 40+ locations in only three years.

With Pivot Parking, it’s never been easier to park between the lines.

Pivot Parking Leadership Team

Parking isn't rocket science, but there is a science to it. Our team brings unparalleled experience when it comes to perfecting that science.

Regional Leaders

No matter the parking challenge you're facing, we've saved a spot for you.

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Let us help you make the Pivot and tackle your parking challenges together.