Electric vs. Gas: The Weighty Debate

Have you ever wondered over the weighty question of how electric cars measure up against their gas-guzzling counterparts? Today, we’re going to unpack this intriguing comparison.

EVs: Electric & Heavier

Electric vehicles, or EVs, bring a new dimension to the discussion of car weight. These eco-friendly marvels tend to tip the scales a bit more, and the culprit behind the extra pounds are none other than their batteries. These formidable powerhouses are responsible for storing the energy that keeps your EV cruising smoothly. As a result, you can anticipate an EV being around 20-30% heavier than a comparable internal combustion engine car.

ICE Cars: Lighter but Fuel-Dependent

Now, let’s shift our focus to standard cars. Internal combustion engine vehicles are generally lighter than their electric counterparts. This is primarily because they house simpler engines that don’t require the hefty battery packs found in EVs. Instead, they use gasoline or diesel fuel to power their combustion engines.

The Numbers Game

The weight disparity between electric and standard cars can fluctuate significantly, depending on the specific makes and models. Electric vehicles can sometimes outweigh their counterparts by hundreds to thousands of pounds. For example, the Tesla Model 3 Performance with all-wheel drive (AWD) is approximately 379 pounds heavier than a conventional ICE car of similar dimensions.

What Does It Mean for You?

As a consumer, don’t be discouraged by the numbers when opting for an EV. The extra weight of electric vehicles brings a range of advantages, including reduced emissions, quieter rides, and instant acceleration. I bought my wife a Model 3 and find myself “borrowing” her car constantly as it is so much fun to drive. Additionally, bear in mind that battery technology is continually advancing. Choosing between an EV and an ICE car is about embracing the whole electric driving experience. Consider your unique priorities and driving needs to make an informed decision that aligns with your eco-conscious aspirations. The future of driving is evolving, and it’s an exciting journey to be part of!

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