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Electric vs. Gas: The Weighty Debate

Electric vehicles, or EVs, bring a new dimension to the discussion of car weight. These eco-friendly marvels tend to tip the scales a bit more, and the culprit behind the extra pounds are none other than their batteries. These formidable powerhouses are responsible for storing the energy that keeps your EV cruising smoothly. As a result, you can anticipate an EV being around 20-30% heavier than a comparable internal combustion engine car. 

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Park Smarter: Know Your Parking Space Dimensions

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath as you maneuver your car into a tight parking space, hoping you won’t end up with a ding on your door? We’ve all been there, and it’s time we shed some light on the mysteries of parking space dimensions to make your parking experiences Smart and Fast.

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Robert Cizek Joins Pivot Parking as Operating Partner, Driving Strategic Growth Initiatives

Pivot Parking, a leading name in innovative parking management solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Robert Cizek as Operating Partner. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years and a proven track record of success in various sectors, Robert’s appointment further strengthens the company’s position as it expands into emerging markets.

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Pivot Parking Names Todd Brosius as President

Pivot Parking is proud to announce the addition of industry veteran Todd Brosius to lead their team beginning July 5, 2023. As President, Brosius will oversee innovation and expansion efforts throughout the organization as Pivot Parking continues to grow its industry footprint.

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Pivot Parking Announces Promotion of Two Executive Co-Founders Brandon Lauterbach and Tina Reid

Pivot Parking is proud to announce the promotion of two longstanding executives to the titles of Co-Founders. Brandon Lauterbach, based in Richmond, Virginia, and Tina Reid, based in Greenville, South Carolina, currently Executive Vice Presidents, have served the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina markets since Pivot’s founding in 2020.

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Pivot Parking Announces New Executive Vice President Gary Means

Pivot Parking is proud to announce the addition of industry veteran, Gary Means, to their growing team. Means will serve as Executive Vice President of Municipal and Commercial, focusing on territory growth.

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